Wink on … our two students in communication

Amandine has issued an appeal to several schools of communication for help in promoting P-WAC and its mission. The director (Henri Rivollier) of Sup de Com’ (Lyon), a French school of communications that prepares students for a degree in marketing, was the first to answer the call … He sent out the request to all of his communications students.

Amélie and Antoine are two students who wished to participate in this adventure and bring their expertise to the project. P -WAC became their term project! Both students contributed to the development of marketing materials for the project as well as the implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan to raise funds through donations and grants.


With the creation of a visual identity of the association: a logo and graphics, which were then applied to various digital templates. Both fought a daily battle against time to establish good visibility and legitimacy for P–WAC to put it on the global map of associations involved in the conservation of great apes. Both students explained:

Antoine BENINI

Antoine BENINI

“Our desire to work for P -WAC is expressed by two goals: First, to complete a project that allows us to complete our final exam requirements. We wanted to depart from the conventional style of work and technique, to be on the cutting edge in our own eyes and for the BTS Communication examination boards for which we prepared. “

According to the different stakeholders we interviewed, marketing students often get involved with large companies and bring their skills into an existing team. For P- WAC, the challenge was huge: everything has to be done from scratch…



Amélie NEMOZ

Amélie NEMOZ

“Then, we’re both professionally and personally sensitive to the issues of sustainable development. Whether from an ecological, economic or social standpoint, being able to work for a common interest immediately attracted us to this project.”

In addition to an agricultural curriculum, Antoine had already done volunteer missions in reserves in Africa, showing a real commitment to a “chimpanzee-like on top organization” (Antoine credits this term to the founder, Amandine ^ ^). Amelie grew up in a family sensitive to nature and the environment. From a young age she had the opportunity to be open to many cultures and now wants to invest in protecting the beauties of nature.

As Antoine de Saint Exupéry said: “In terms of the future, it is not to foresee it , but to make it possible.”

It is therefore thanks to these two precious pearls that we owe our logo and so many other works, done in such a short period of time. Thank you Amélie Nemoz and Antoine Benini for your help! With your energy, our adventure took shape very quickly.