The Team Grows

Our second General Meeting took place during March, and we were thrilled to see you both more numerous and more engaged than ever.

P-WAC, a small Association, is overjoyed to have more members and thus new motivations and skills to carry out our charitable mission.

We are thus thrilled to present to you two new members of the Administrative Counsel and Office Staff: Corinne and Véronique, who today compose our Secretary team!! They were both elected unanimously!

We met Véronique, native of Saint-Etienne, at our booth at a SHAKA PONK concert.

VeroniquePortrait of Véronique: ” Crazy about travel, I lived for several years in Brazil, and discovered new countries like Namibia, Tanzania, Zanzipar, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Lapland, The Island of Réunion and, most recently, Cape Verde. I like to escape from the daily grind and discover new vistas and new cultures. My next projects : Iceland, the Sultanate of Oman, Bhutan, and others. My hobbies include music, sports and animals.  I’ve always been aware of animal causes. For some time I’ve wanted to get involved and to give my time to an Association in support of something that I care about, because my way is to go all in, and if I get involved in a project, it’s to do it wholeheartedly. Chance (or not !…) caused me to show up at a Shaka Ponk concert in Saint-Etienne, a group highly recommended by my friends. What a surprise to discover a booth talking about the preservation of great apes ! The concert got more interesting and chance definitely got things right.

Véronique didn’t know SHAKA PONK. But it’s thanks to their patronage and to the booths we are able to set up at their concerts that we got our hands on Véronique! Every opportunity is a good one to raise public awareness of great apes and we are thrilled to have met Véronique thanks to our patrons!

Amandine kindly invited me to the General Meeting and after having been warmly welcomed, I immediately appreciated the atmosphere of energy that came from the group.  So, it was without much hesitation that I presented myself for the post of Vice-Secretary….My candidacy was accepted, and here I am to bring my contribution and  support to help P-WAC bring projects to fruition that are particularly close to my heart!

Véronique has worked for 14 years as Sales Administration Manager (administrator of Customer Service) in a company that sells childcare products (bibs, pacifiers, bathtubs, toys, etc…) mainly for distribution to pharmacies.

Being able to participate in a project with people who have the same concerns and interests in common is something extremely motivating.  What I find interesting about this project is that  there is the Mission « preservation of Great Apes » with the objective to reintroduce them to their natural environment, but also the Mission « Support and development of the local population ».

We’re very happy to have met Véronique and to have her on our team!

As for Corinne, our meeting goes back to last year, at the  ReperkuSound Festival, organized by our partner, Médiatone. Corinne came to meet us at our booth, intrigued by our presence. At the time she already expressed interest in helping us, but didn’t know how.  A supporter since that time, Corinne followed our news and events, and despite being really busy at work, she wanted to join us.

CorinneI am a transcriber by trade and have been fascinated by apes and monkeys since I was very small. I was and still am a volunteer with several associations, some for over ten years. So, I know the non-profit world very well and what it means to undertake such a project. Whether it’s humanitarian, event management, cultural, or the environment, I like to contribute to bringing projects to reality, as well as enjoy the group dynamic that that creates  ! « Alone, one goes faster, but together, we go farther ». I’m thrilled to join P-WAC  and to work in tandem with Véronique.” (Corinne).

Our team is evolving, as are our work and organizational methods, we are finally ready to move forward. After spending all of 2014 raising funds,  and raising the awareness of the French public about the great apes cause, the Congo looms again, and it’s reassuring to be able to count on a loyal team, motivated and all pulling in the same direction.

Welcome girls!

Rediscover our team!