The race continues!

Our annual charity race is on !

 A month has passed since we began our charity run campaign for the second year.  It’s a fun team sports event:  Heroes’ Run.

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There are already six participants on our team!





PIC_JeanMace_Anim_2014.22.11.AmRen (4)

Amandine and Sonia










PIC_ShakaPonk_Marseille_2014.13.11.AmRen (1)











Here’s last year’s race, with a video made by Jérôme P. and  a second made by Jérôme L.


Currently, we’ve raised 1570 Euros thanks to our team!!!

Dear EU donors, don’t forget that donations for this event are tax deductible!

So a gift of :

– 10 € costs only 3.40 €
– 20 € costs only 6.80 €
– 30 € costs only 10.20 €
– 40 € costs only 13.60 €
– 50 € costs only 17.00 €


No matter which runner you support, all the funds are pooled and given to P-WAC. You will get a tax receipt for your gift. Here are the fundraising pages for our our runners:

Mégane (10 Euros):

Loïc (20 Euros):

Monique (250 Euros):

Nicolas (250 Euros):

Sonia (320 Euros):

Amandine (720 Euros):


Thank you to all! et And good luck to our runners with their fundraising…

Thanks to  our donors: Amandine, Serge, Stéphanie, Valérie, Sonia, Martine, Laura, Michelle,  Nicole, Tiphaine, Marie-Odile, Jean-Michel, Chantal, Terootua, Géraldine, Nathalie, Audrey, Delphine, Sophie, Isabelle, Julie, Nicolas, Julie, Aline, Yves, Nicolas, Valérie, Arielle, Anne, Arlette, Delphine, Maxime, Barbara, Aurore, Jean-Jacques, Nicolas, EliZa, Xavier, Jean-Michel, Kevin, Vicky, Marie-José, Stellio, Marlene, Mathieu, Daniel, Mickaël, Jean-Jacques, Johanna, Dominique, Yann, Éliane, Chantal.

And thank you to future donores for this event!