The adventure begins…

Hello to everyone!

I am thrilled to present to you the association we have just created: Project for Wildlife and Apes Conservation “P-WAC”.

Another association??

Yes, another one… Nothing is more natural when you understand the field and the enormous amount of day to day work left to do to help the planet.  Not competition with other projects in the field, but rather a complementary effort, in an area neglected until now.

Neglected area?  Come on, what exactly do you mean?

Helping the great apes… there’s a lot of that around, unfortunately.  Our objective is to help tropical animal species in the Congo (DRC), and most particularly the great apes, our specialty (not to forget the other species!!), while also helping the local community (and most particularly the women’s community) to live better with their environment, making permanent changes… We have several field missions, but to know us better, appreciate and support us, visit our website

OK, let’s go see what P-WAC is cooking up…

Yes, yes, come and discover us!  Everything is here: our missions, our news, our team…

And speaking of team, I want to personally thank all those who have supported us… from the beginning…Because it is really hard to set up a project, and together, we are more successful!!!

So, thank you:

To the Officers:

Ingrid BOSCH for having always supported me and for agreeing to accompany me in this crazy adventure (when do we start!?), Chantal RENAUD for your support;

To members of the Board of Directors:

Dorothee Minne for your sense of humor – Belgian – and your investment in animal welfare, Farid BEHNHAMMOU for helping me to grow up, Jean Michel AUGAGNEUR for your professionalism, Marie CARBONNAUX for being cool, Laetitia JASSERON for your friendship… (and no!! you don’t have to be at the project to love furry animals!), Guillaume REY for your support for all these years!

Our Honorary Members.  Pascual RIMANI because without your help… P-WAC would not have been born, Carolyn RENAUD for your devotion to an enormous task!

But also to friends in France and to the family:

Amandine CONTREAU (now a special big thumbs up to my _____who has supported me since high school and has listed to me talk for a looonnnngggg time about my furry beasts.  Thank you to my _______ for your support, your humor, your effective advice and your friendship that hasn’t flagged since high school. Caroline GIVERDON (now there, we go back to nursery school, lol).  Robert MARSELLA because one day you will end up in the Congo, Pierre BUCHER for your fabulous support the last few years!!! Nicolas PICOUET for loving furry beasts as much as me and for beimg a chimp yourself J, Sylvain CHERMETTE for sharing my vision of the world, Ludovic BOULLE for your advice and your support, Samuele for accompanying us from the beginning with Pascual, Antoine BENINI and Amelie NEMOZ for your work that allowed us to move forward very quickly,Sophie ALVAREZ for your dynamism and the adorable little family, and I think I didn’t forget anyone.  Yes, yes! Claire CHAZALON, Julia DI PIAZZA, Howard SONG, Erwan LE BERRE, Emily IMBERT, Cecile MORELLI, Clem, and all the friends I’ve met along the road of life…

Thanks to the partners already with us at the beginning of the adventure:  Emeline BERTON, Mathias BIRSKI and the Mediatone team, the members of CRI PRIMATE, engaged in the protection of great apes.  Thanks for believing in us up to now!!

Thanks of course to my furry friends…this is all for you! Despite your strong smell, your behavior sometimes – often, tiring (for the youngest), your slaps and other tricks, your endless marathons in the swamps, your playful and sly looks, your angry rages…it’s for you that P-WAC is here today.  It’s for you that we have come together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Chimpanzément (I will leave my mark, given time)