Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a majestic rainforest to admire and experience its majesty and beauty ? We offer you the opportunity of symbolically owning a piece of the rainforest, while helping us help the chimpanzees.

Thanks to your support and donations, we have found the ideal piece of rainforest in the Congolese province of Bas-Congo that is perfect for building a chimpanzee sanctuary. But in order to assure the completion of the sanctuary and the continuity of our mission of protecting the great apes, we need your help.

How will we use your « gift from the heart » ?

Right now we need to fund anti-poaching and anti-deforestation patrols with the support of the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN). Your participation will help ensure the proper ecological management of the forest along with creating employment opportunities for the villagers. Protecting chimpanzees can’t happen without protecting their habitat!

Become a « guardian of the heart » of the trees of our forest.

Sponsor a Tree : Three Trees Essential to Chimpanzees

We offer your choice of three trees, all of them ones that provide food for the chimpanzees, so that you can help us provide orphan chimpanzees with meals rich with their favorite fruits.

Dialium (Caesalpiniaceae family)

Dalium trees have small, edible fruits. It’s a tree with dense greenery and a compact crown that can reach heights of more than 30 meters

Sponsor Dialium    10 €

Nauclea tree of sub saharan africa

Nauclea (Rubiaceae family)

Nauclea tree is evergreen and found in subtropical and tropical rainforests. Its fruits are large, easy to digest, and a great source of energy. Locally, this tree is known as Bilinga. The wood is dense and is resistant to fungus and insects. Therefore, Nauclea is also used in shipbuilding where the wood is in contact with water.

Sponsor Nauclea     20 € 

Diospyros (Ebenaceae family)

The name Diospyros comes form the ancient Greek words «Dios» and «Pyros», which means «divine fruit» ou «divine food». The wood of this tree has been highly sought after since the time of the Egyptians. The wood is hard and used for sculptures, the black keys on pianos and organs, and for making chess pieces.  The wood is severely over-exploited and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified it as an endangered species.

Sponsor Diospyros    30 €

Forest Pack: Purchase one each of Dialium, Nauclea and Diospyros trees and save 10 Euros

Sponsor Dialium, Nauclea and Diospyros    50 €

How can I buy my tree ?

Choose your tree (or trees!) and receive a Certificate !

If you don’t want to pay online :

  • Pay by check (payable to P-WAC)
  • Pay by bank transfer :

    IBAN : FR7617806005360415373844614

Fill out and return us this Support file 2020 to P-WAC,  4b Rue Marcel Sembat 69150 Décines-Charpieu (Fr).

Join us and help us protect the forest !