Protection of Primates

Primate Rehabilitation Center

Our first mission is the preservation of Kongo Central primates, victims of human activities such as poaching and deforestation. Protecting a “keystone” species is preserving an entire ecosystem. P-WAC is dedicated to the protection of chimpanzees, our closest relative. We also rescue monkeys (red tailed monkey). The aim of P-WAC is to rescue orphaned primates to provide them with care they need before be returned to the wild. P-WAC does not wish to keep the animals in captivity. Thus, once treated and considered ready to be released, P-WAC will reintroduce these individuals in the forests of the Congo Basin. Meanwhile, the center residents are in the rehabilitation phase, that is to say, at bush school.

Our actions :

  • Receive animals confiscated or seized by the government
  • Care for the animals
  • Rehabilitate them for return to the wild into their natural habitat
  • Creation of a research center to study primates in the wild
  • Census
  • Creation of job opportunities for local communities (primates’ keeper, eco-guards…)