P-WAC’s Vision

A Win-win Combination for the Long Term…

The terms “sustainable development” and “public participation” have been popular for a few years. This makes sense, as human and nature are fundamentally inseparable: We can’t protect one without helping the other. Therefore, allowing species to disappear brings, on a short term basis, loss of biodiversity – still rich even today – and on a long term basis, an inevitable suffering to populations. Preserving a threatened species leads to protecting Nature, at all levels.

Every conservation project faces its own difficulties. Traditions, cultures, lack of funds, increasing human wildlife conflicts. Fighting for preservation of tropical biodiversity, while giving power to local communities. Difficult?

Indeed. But a conservation project cannot be relevant without an active participation of local communities. This is a priority of P-WAC: to minimize human-wildlife conflicts by showing local – and international – populations the economic value of protected species,

P-WAC hopes to underline the significant impact that a conservation project can have on a short and a long term basis, by taking care of each part. P-WAC challenges to be a win win project, for human and wild nature.