Our Story

P-WAC, a win-win project

A win-win project, where man and nature are both taken into account to achieve long-term preservation of biodiversity. Despite the difficulty of setting up a new primate conservation project in Africa and the limited financial resources deployed for the environment, since its creation, P-WAC has taken into account the needs of man and those of nature. Thus, we have always involved local communities in the project, without which we would not be sustainable: it is vital to take local populations into account. We want to show local communities the economic value of protecting endangered species.

Key dates

  • 2021 :
    • Documentary ” Primates in danger, the mission of Amandine“, released on Ushuaïa TV.
    • Documentary on Envoyé Spécial
  • 2020 :
    • P-WAC participates in the movie ” Jane New Generation » released on Ushuaïa TV.
    • Radio interview France Inter : La Terre au Carrée with Mathieu Vidard
    • Interview Arte : 28 minutes
    • Book “Discover the Great Apes with Amandine Renaud” at Plume de Carotte
    • The Grand Prize in Biodiversity and Ecosystems by 1% for the Planet is given to P-WAC for the second time
    • New partners : Terres d’Oc, Léoplanet.
  • 2019 : P-WAC now has a dozen primate orphan residents
      • 2nd Prize ” Terre de Femmes”  by the Fondation Yves Rocher is awarded to Amandine, P-WAC founder
      • The Grand Prize in Biodiversity and Ecosystems by 1% for the Planet is given to P-WAC
      • New partners : Fondation Maison du Monde, Fondation Lemarchand, Fondation LéaNature, Not Guilty.
      • Documentary on BRUT (1 million views all together)
      • Documentary on C8 : « They live with animals »
  • 2018 : P-WAC join the international group : 1% for the Planet
      • New partners : MGT, Fondation Sogelink, CIMKO, Kokopelli.
      • First chimps are rescued : two from the zoo, one from a local witch
  • 2017 : Construction of P-WAC center. Arrival of our first primate orphans.
      • New partners : LUSH France, Fondation Ensemble, Fondation LePal Nature, Elisa Lewis Artwork, et en RDC l’ICCN.
  • 2016 : P-WAC buys lands thanks to a traditional village chief
      • New sponsors : 30 Millions d’Amis, Brigitte Bardot, One Voice
      • We join Lilo
      • In DRC, legalisation of the project
      • Ministry of Environment award us a 25 years contract
  • 2015 : Our website is launched, thanks to Horizon Web Marketing
      • New partners : HWM, Université de Liège, Cri Primate, SHAKA PONK
      • First papers in journals
      • Planning mission to DRC, to find a suitable site for P-WAC center
  • 2014 : First exhibitions and educational animations
      • First sponsors : AJC, Lions Club, Crédit Agricole, Médiatone
  • 2013 : Creation of P-WAC.
      • The French school Sup’ de Com’ creates our logo