Our Objectives

Photo: Stéphanie MENG-ZIRILLI

The Snowball Effect

Man and his environment are inseparable. By protecting a “key species”, it is the whole ecosystem that we help adapting to changes that can no longer be avoided today. So, saving one species in danger of extinction, like the chimpanzee, leads to the preservation of its natural habitat and thus of all the species living in that environment, including man. The cycle is complete, the effect of preservation efforts enhanced…. Project P-WAC is dedicated to the protection of all animal and plant species, with one difference: it has two distinct but inter-related objectives.

Objective 1: The animal within us: P-WAC as Chimpanzee

P-WAC’s goal is to conserve the biology of the chimpanzee, but more than that. In protecting one “key” species, a whole ecosystem is protected. P-WAC is dedicated to protecting all animal and plant species, with the “star” species being the chimpanzee, our closest relative. The objective of P-WAC is to put in place a sanctuary for chimpanzees harmed by human activities (poaching, deforestation) in order to care for their needs until they are able to be reintroduced to the wild.Care centre for animals victims of anthropomorphic activities

  • Care centre for animal victims of human (anthropomorphic) activities
  • Rehabilitation centre
  • Reintroduction and release program
  • Research station

Objective 2: Female equality: P-WAC as Woman

Today, inequality between men and women is diminishing. And yet… lack of access to education, lack of rights even within their own communities… these are typical situations for women in a number of countries. Bringing opportunity to isolated village women is a priority for P-WAC, but obviously the opposite sex will be invited to take part in the project as well!

  • Jobs for local communities
  • Transforming former poachers into trackers
  • Involvement of local women in P-WAC programs