P-WAC is active on two continents, in two countries.

P-WAC in France

It was in France in 2013 that the P-WAC project was born. Organized as an Association of 1901 law whose seat is in Décines (69), P-WAC acts in the fields of education and awareness, through conferences, educational events, information stands and media coverage of the cause of great apes and tropical forests. The P-WAC team travels throughout France, based on request.

For more information, contact us (info@p-wac.org)

P-WAC in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Since 2017, P-WAC has been recognized as a Rehabilitation Center for Primates by local authorities. A field team works for the protection of wildlife in the Bas Congo province, now called Kongo Central, in the south-west of the DRC. Central Kongo borders the Atlantic Ocean, Congo to the North, Cabinda to the West, Angola to the South and Kinshasa to the East. It is one of the oldest provinces of the country and represents 55,000 km² of surface. P-WAC is the only initiative for the conservation of great apes and tropical forests in the south-west of the country.


P-WAC has already 140 ha (green zone) but is willing to gather more lands in order to preserve the wild fauna and to increase the orphanage capacity (yellow zone).