Preservation of tropical forests

Giving primates freedom means reintroducing them into the wild. In order for primates to be able to return to the wild and go on with their natural activities, safely, we must ensure the protection of their habitat, the rainforests of the south-west of the DRC, in what remains of the Chains of the Mayombe. To do so we have launched 3 programs.

Program anti-braconnage et déforestation

We have created our eco-guard patrol to ensure that our forests and those around them are well protected. Each week, our team make sure noone is coming and cutting our forest. We also remove snare whenever there is. 



To fight against the loss habitat, we have launched a reforestation program (with the creation of a Rural Women’s Group for Reforestation). This program is unique as we are only planting local and native trees, known to be eaten by wild chimps and the local fauna. We are not planting palm trees, acacias or eucalyptus, definitely known as monoculture that destroys the soil and the lands. In 2020, we have already planted 2000 trees, and we hope to do more in 2021, thanks to our local botanist in charge of the project.

Protected area

In order to increase the size of our rehabilitation center, to offer a better environment to the orphans we rescue, and also to protect the wild fauna, we are willing to buy more lands. To do so we are negociating the lands with the traditional chief. For now, we have 140ha, but we would like to get 2000 ha and make this land a protected area.

En vert clair, P-WAC. Le contour jaune correspond aux 2000 ha souhaitées