Women & Local Community

The “snowball” effect. P-WAC’s goal is to protect primates and their environment by involving the local community. Man and his environment are inseparable. By protecting a “keystone” species, we  are able to help a whole ecosystem to adapt to the changes that no one can not avoid today. Protecting an endangered species (like the chimpanzee) leads to the preservation of its natural habitat and consequently to the conservation of all species living in this habitat, including humankind. The loop is complete and the protective impact increased.

Job opportunities

We involve local communities so that the project benefits traditional local families, in charge of these last forests of the Province. Whether for our residents or in the context of forest protection, P-WAC is a job creator.

  • Converting former poachers into trackers and eco-guards
  • Training substitute dads and healers.
  • A dozen families benefit from the protection of a chimpanzee

Rural Women’s Group for P-WAC’s Reforestation

Today, inequalities are beginning disappear between men and women. And yet : no access to education, lack of legitimate rights within their communities … this is commonplace for women in many countries. Giving women in isolated villages a chance is a priority for P-WAC. If the men work in the camp as eco-guards and primate keepers, the women of the neighboring villages will join the Rural Women’s Group for P-WAC’s Reforestation to support our major reforestation program. This group allows us to create jobs for a disadvantaged community, rural women, but also for reforestation of the neighboring savannahs (formerly forests), in order to restore the tropical forest with the planting of forest species only which will then be used to feed the chimpanzees.