Education and Awareness

Better understanding is better protecting. To protect a species is to protect its habitat, and therefore the populations living in that same habitat. This is the importance of environmental education: learning to protect biodiversity, so that everyone lives in harmony. Every organism on earth is entitled to live in peace and in safety.

Education in France

In France, our educational activity takes place in primary schools, with entertainment for primary schoolchildren (from 6 years) to high schools. We also offer adult conferences at universities and even business meetings, to educate your employees about the environment. Whether for children or for an adult audience, we bring you the keys to help preserve great apes and their forests from your city. Contact us for information:

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Education in DRC

In the near future, P-WAC wishes to provide village children with environmental education, and subsequently for adults interested in this type of information in a future environmental information center. In the meantime, the local staff participates in a community radio broadcast in order to raise awareness in the local dialect for the villages near P-WAC. We also give from time to time, meetings at Kinzao Mvuété Center, to talk about our mission.