Wink on… our partner Mediatone

Mediatone is a French association that organizes concerts in the Lyon area.  Intrigued by our project, Mediatone chose to contribute funds to P-WAC as a way to offset its carbon footprint.


Simple.  At each concert, Mediatone volunteers take turns staffing the merchandise booths of the performers and sell souvenir autographed posters that the musicians have provided for the cause.  The proceeds from the sale of these posters are passed on to P-WAC.  By bringing home a souvenir of their favorite musicians, buyers are participating in doing good, thanks to this creative idea developed by the Mediatone team at the beginning of our environmental effort.

Emeline et Mathias

Emeline et Mathias

Team members in this effort, Emeline and Mathias, tell us:

“Our desire to enter into partnership with P-WAC came together around our common friendship with some P-WAC members (names not given).  After having taken the time to share their passion and also their dedication to their efforts, we were convinced that in supporting their cause, we could help this emerging association assure its place in the environmental race in a clear and ethical manner and we are proud to accompany them in their development.”

Music sooths the soul.  It also helps bring people together around a critical value: nature.

Thank you, Emeline Berton (PR/Volunteer Manager), Mathias Birski and the other volunteers who have contributed to our project: Aurore, Hamid, Axelle, Adrian, Laetitia, Ouided, Benoit and the whole Mediatone team.

L'équipe MédiatoneTake a look at  their article about us!  Also, you can find us at Mediatone’s concerts because we regularly visit their booths.  Come support us, come discover the huge amount of work done by a Lyon team and enjoy a friendly moment.

For more information on upcoming concerts, visit Mediatone.