How are your donations used?

How we Put your Donations to Work

We regularly ask you for donations. And we thank you for your generosity, because you always answer our appeals. Like all non-profit organizations, we depend on donations from individuals, the support of businesses and/or foundations. If foundations finance a particular  “project” (for example, the purchase of a car), we need you to finance the rest.

Here are some different ways we use your financial support:

The local team

Without staff, without the support of local villagers, we can’t move forward. So paying the salaries of the local staff is a priority. In our location, salaries range from 100 and 150 dollars per month. We’ve already worked with a dozen people, guides, a phenologist (specialist in tropical botany) to identify the various plants and trees present on our site. We also have to supply work clothes.


With the team, on a day of exploration


On the road back to camp









Papa Mbambi, our phenologist


Papa Mbambi and our guides








Your donations help us rent a car, or rather a Jeep, to survey the trails leading to the site. As of now, we have not found the funds or a sponsor to be able to buy our own vehicle (between 20 000 and 60 000 dollars! ). Since our site is not yet ready to house us, we must return to Matadi at the end of each day. Our transportation budget is 140 dollars per day (rent, gas, driver, tolls).


The condition of our trails


The state of our roads and trails










Our encampment is in its early stages. In short, we need everything! Water containers, tents, wood for constructing bungalows, generator, construction tools… We also need equipment for constructing the chimpanzee enclosures, as well as transport cages, and funds for food for the chimpanzees. 

Let’s just say we need you to help us move things along!

One thing is certain:  The P-WAC team is all volunteer. We don’t use your donations to support ourselves, nor for our travel to and from the Congo (each volunteer pays their own way).

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Thank you for your generosity !