Sponsor a Primate

Poaching impacts many, if not all, wild animals that are sold for their meat, with bushmeat being part of the local culture. P-WAC welcomes chimpanzees and also monkeys,s specifically red-tailed monkeys. Most of our young orphans were held captive among expatriates who agreed to entrust them to us for reintroduction to the wild.

Why sponsor?

Our sponsorship program allows you to assist with the daily expenses of our orphans. Your contribution will help us to buy the food they need (milk, fruits, vegetables), help finance their care facility and pay the salary of their dedicated carer. In short: Simple! Their daily life will be improved thanks to your generosity.

How do you become a sponsor?

Choose your adoptee, then your type of sponsorship (classic, medium, prestige, luxury) and finally how you want to pay. Thanks to your support, your little adoptee will make the most of his rehabilitation because you help us to bring him the best. Our team will send you information about your adoptee by email. Watch for it!

Bonus: A sponsorship is considered a gift and  provides a tax deduction for EU taxpayers!

Choose your Adoptee :

The chimpanzees :