Memorial Tree

A Tree Planted in Honor of a Lost Loved One

In choosing to plant a tree to honor a lost loved one, you are honoring them.  You allow their memory to endure through the entire tree, its roots, its leaves, its branches.  The memory of the departed soul will take root for eternity.

In addition to paying tribute to your deceased loved one, this gesture has great environmental value. Planting a tree makes it possible to fight against pollution, to absorb CO2, to draw oxygen. The tree plays a role in fighting against soil erosion and becomes a refuge for wild animals. Thus, by paying homage to your deceased, you participate in the reforestation of tropical rainforests.

We only plant local forest species.

The tree of remembrance will therefore allow the forest to regenerate and biodiversity to find a new habitat. The tree is planted in the forests of P-WAC, in a dedicated and protected area.

By choosing the tree of remembrance, you will receive a certificate and later a photo of the planted tree.


For each tree, you may prepare a message that will be read during planting. However, no sign will be put up, so as not to damage the tree.

How Do I Start ?

The Memorial Tree is 20 Euros.

Bonus: This gift also qualifies for EU tax deductions! 66% of your donation is tax deductible up to 20% of your taxable income.

You may pay :

  • By check (payable to P-WAC)
  • By bank wire : P-WAC  /    IBAN : FR7617806005360415373844614 /  SWIFT : AGRIFRPP878

Remember to send us the Bulletin de soutien.2021. by mail (P-WAC,  4B Rue Marcel Sembat 69150 Décines-Charpieu – Fr) or email ( Think green… choose this option!

  • Online, through HelloAsso :