Charity Run 2015

P-WAC mobilizes for this year’s charity run event.


Logo_Course des hérosP-WAC  participated in the Hero’s Run organized by Alvarum. This charity run is a way for associations to raise funds, in a fun atmosphere, and for each to represent their causes and values.

In April, six P-WAC volunteers agreed to run and collect funds to benefit the project. Sonia, Mégane, Monique and Amandine on the women’s side, Loïc and Nicolas on the men’s team. Each redoubled their energy and motivation to raise awareness among their friends and colleagues, explain our missions, our needs, and collect donations.

Sunday, June 21 the charity run took off. This year, Nicolas decided to run 10 Km, the women signed up for 6 Km. Sonia, Monique and Amandine earned “super collector” badges! A silver badge for runners who have collected more than 500 Euros and a gold badge for those who have brought in more than 1000 Euros. Our runners appreciate these awards and the donations that helped earn them !


Super Hero Badge

Hero Badge 5*










This year, we wanted to participate in the costume contest.  The women wore a crown of plants meant to represent the forest, habitat of the great apes. Our founder also wore a skirt made from plant material. These costumes were homemade and completely green because in order to recycle our materials, the team used the plants to decorate our stands!!! What a great idea from our runners! But the best costume came from Nicolas, disguised as a Super Hero Chimpanzee!! Amandine and Nicolas got to go up on the podium to talk about P-WAC as part of the Costume Competition !


Nicolas and Amandine representing P-WAC…


… at the costume competition !








This day of sport then turned toward the warm up organized by Alvarum: Our runners participated in a “Swedish gym” workout session!


Our team at the warmup…


… in the company of other participants.







Then our team headed for the starting line.  Everyone was very enthusiastic!



OUr entire team of runners, Mégane and Loïc came to join us!


From left to right: Nicolas, Sonia, Monique, Loïc, Mégane, Amandine










Monique, taking part in the 6Km Walk


There were hundreds of runners for the run and walk that day! Monique, our very involved den mother, recounts: “That day of the Hero’s run was really fun. Our group was small but the atmosphere very warm.  It warms your heart to see all the associations (small and large) who gathered that day for their various causes”.





Mégane, still a student, had trouble raising funds and didn’t collect the minimum required to run or walk with us. But, accompanied by  Loïc, also participating but not as a runner, she was present at the start to encourage and support us!



Mégane and Loïc, encouraging Sonia, just before the start of the run.


“The atmosphere was superb and very motivating to go back next year ! We hope that the proceeds will be better for our friends the  primates !!! Thanks to the P-WAC team for it’s good humor (costumes, picnic, smiles…) and also for all the groups present at this day of solidarity.


Among our runners, Nicolas, a former animal caregiver who decided to support our cause.  Nicolas was motived to help us collect funds, and made the trip from Bourgogne the day of the race.


Nicolas, at the end of his 10 Km run, feeling the heat

Animals have always been present in my life, but I had to move away from them in the last few years. With the arrival of my son, I wanted to get involved in a good cause, to set a good example, and that’s why I decided to help P-WAC and its team. Moreover, it pushed me to run right across my native Gold Coast in order to train!

Raising money, especially in today’s environment, wasn’t easy. A number of people donated to my collection and I’m really pleased with that.  To know that you have supporters is really motivating. We will be able to bring our help to this project for animals, plants and human beings !

The day of the run, different causes were being supported and lots of people were assembled in a supportive environment. There was a lot of solidarity. The sun and the human warmth really made us sweat. The donors supported us and we stuck together until the finish line, proudly wearing our P-WAC colors !!!


Our runners among the others!


Nico, P-WAC’s only 10Km runner, takes the lead!


A real Super Hero Chimpanzee !!


He even wore a hood for a while – hats off to him !


Friends and donors came to support P-WAC along the course! Thank you Cathy and Jean Pierre!


The happy P-WAC team, pleased to finish the course




















P-WAC has arrived!


with a smile!


Thrilled to have completed the run for our cause…


and to thank our donors!


The P-WAC team thanks you for your support


P-WAC après la course
















” It seems natural for me to run for the great apes and to collect funds for P-WAC, the association I founded, and in which I believe more than anything, because our team is humane,  friendly and supportive! I hope to help this project to advance. We’ve been carrying out actions in France for almost two years now. With presentations for children in schools, conferences, expositions, information booths… But we’re getting closer to action on the ground. Our team is really motivated to bring this project to life.  So it is natural for me to run for the project.  And to proudly wear P-WAC colors. What better way to support the cause than a sporting spirit??



At the finish line, our runners met the sponsors of Hero’s Run, who had interviewed Nicolas and Amandine earlier in the morning.  a chance to talk about the run and our missions.


Sonia at the presenter’s microphone!


We’re thrilled to have participated in this race!


A small word about everyone’s fundraising, a chance to show off our super hero badges…


and for the presenter, to see Nicolas’ face!














In Lyon this year there were 650 runners for a total collection of 350 000 Euros  to help 43 associations!

We collected 2805 Euros in 2014, et 2870 Euros this year, which is a lot for a small early stage association !

Thanks to P-WAC, a great team that we can count on and with true values and ethics, together with a great attitude.

Thanks to our 6 runners

Thanks to JP for the photos!

Thanks to our 94 donors without whom nothing would be possible !!

Amandine, Serge, Stéphanie, Valérie, Sonia, Martine, Laura, Michelle, Nicole, Tiphaine, Marie-Odile, Jean-Michel, Chantal, Terootua, Géraldine, Nathalie, Audrey, Delphine, Sophie, Isabelle, Julie, Nicolas, Julie, Aline, Yves, Nicolas, Valérie, Arielle, Anne, Arlette, Delphine, Maxime, Barbara, Aurore, Jean-Jacques, Nicolas, EliZa, Xavier, Jean-Michel, Kevin, Vicky, Marie-José, Stellio, Marlene, Mathieu, Daniel, Mickaël, Jean-Jacques, Johanna, Dominique, Yann, Eliane, Chantal, Frédérique, Marie-Eve, Eric, Gilles, Julien, Jacky, Tamara, Milena, Antoine, Jean-Claude, Juliane, Jean-Christophe, Matthieu, PocPoc and Mélanie, Mélanie and Damien, Paul and Rachel, Alain, Jean Claude, Laurence, Jean-Pierre, Helene & Jean-Paul, Robert, Marie-Laurence, Elisabeth, Cathie, Emmanuel, Olga, Catherine, Caroline and Elisa, Nicole, Séverine, Eliane, Jessica, Christian, Emilie and Brigitte, Marc, Serge, Aurélie, Vanessa, Alain and Françoise