We need help !

Behind P -WAC hides a passionate team of professionals, lovers of nature with a common aim: to work together for the same cause … The planet ! We have already made great progress but P -WAC is a young association … therefore EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE

Diapositive4We are looking for volunteers …


You are :

  • sensitive to animal rights, animal suffering, global warming, oil palm and deforestation …
  • interested in our association and our missions
  • looking for a dynamic organization , which offers concrete work to do

Yes, we are talking about you! 🙂 Right? You have come to the right place !

Three options are available:


  • ” I want to help but I do not have time! ! “

You want to help but do not have time. No worries. This is quite understandable, and quite honest. In that case, you can help us by becoming a member of the organization or donor. Your money will help the realization of our work, which is just as important!

To do so :

– Memberships :

– Donations :

You can also relay our actions to promote us, for instance by sharing our posts on Facebook, referring to us by inviting your friends to ” Like ” our page. You will be deeply useful that way! Yes ! Do not neglect this aspect, a click can bounce to other opportunities !

  • ” I want to help but only in what I can do ”

Perfect! Just contact us ( and explain your skills, your strengths, your know-how to assess our future teamwork.

  • ” I want to help but I do not know what to do”

As long as you are ready to roll up your sleeves and you want to give us your time (few hours a week up to more!!) in order to help us on various work, or only occasionally for a specific event, you can join our passionate team. If you want to donate your time for not necessarily pleasant, but necessary actions to make the project goes on: you are more than welcome. Contact us ( and then we will tell you how to proceed.

In all cases , we are asking you one thing …

P -WAC has its own values and “human” is one of them.

Thus, to better go on, we are looking for respectful people. Indeed, we have lots of work to do as a young association. We insist : everything has to be done. So if you say you are willing to help… you do have to act, and so respect your P-WAC mates. If you are willing to help, we expect from you true generosity, and a gift of your time. Honestly, we rather have a small but active team than a big one not working… The aim is to move forward together. Therefore, if you join us as a volunteer, it means something. ” It’s great what you do, I’ll help you,” that turns into voice mail … no thanks. We are not there to be thanked, but for the primates… This is very important, because as part of the team, everyone is counting on you.

Let’s contact us ( and we will discuss and see how you can bring your seed to our adventure, based on OUR needs, YOUR desires and skills and also availability …

There are so many things to do …. You cannot even imagine the potential that you can bring to our project! Finance, media, journalist, artist … You may have gold fingers … P- WAC will be delighted to welcome you … The more we do here, the more we help them, there…


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