Boris’ Testimony

Among the many activities carried out by P-WAC to raise awareness, our team carries out educational presentions for hospitalized children.

The first were carried out in June,  inside the Neuro Hospital (Lyon, Unit 500). They continued, still in Lyon, this time at the Woman Mother Child Hospital Uro-Genital and Visceral Surgery unit.

Among the children and adolescents we met, Boris (15), first year high school student who was well aware of the fragile state of biodiversity. Boris would like to become a veterinarian or work in  the area of conservation.

Boris, Chu Lyon” I knew quite a bit about apes since I’ve read a lot and watched a lot of films on the subject (how they live, what they eat, where they are geographically location, threats…). When Amandine Renaud came to visit us at the hospital to talk to us about the great apes and her association P-WAC, through sharing her experience and photos, she taught us a lot about our relatives, the apes.  But more than that: she also made us aware of the need to protect these extraordinary animals, through our choice of future professions, or in our personal lives in how we consume (palm oil being one of the worst threats to wildlife). We continued to talk about the presentation with my roommate and the nurses who were not able to be there.  I also told my family about P-WAC’s work.  The missions undertaken by P-WAC,  Amandine’s interesting talk, her knowledge, make our generation want to protect nature, which seems vital to me. Thanks to P-WAC and Amandine for this work.”

P-WAC is also about this… to introduce the new generation to environmental careers, often not well known. Boris is ready to help P-WAC, and he’ll distribute collection boxes in shops around his city.

Thanks to the medical team for the welcome! Thanks to Philippe B. who ran the slide show and to Eliane V. And of course, thanks to the children present for this moment of sharing and discovery ! Mathias (14), Mélony (16), Mindret (13), Safia (10) and thank you, Boris for this lovely testimony!