Wink on… our partner Cri Primate

Cri Primate is a socially conscious ethno-rock trio who combine thoughtful lyrics and a primitive and electric consciousness that mixes contemporary and ethnic musical styles.  The sound of Cri Primate, at its roots a cross between electronic, punk-rock and world music, brings words, words about the world, on resistance and combat.


Just as the image of its name resounds like the alarm call of the great apes and of our planet, the militant character of Cri Primate especially fits with protection of the environment and biodiversity.  Supporting P-WAC and helping with its promotion through their artistic activities is clear evidence how much the group were excited by the project.

Phil, creator et leader of the group states :  

Cri Primate in concert

“As Cri Primate sees music as method to channel messages, we found ourselves working on this artistic project because we are, each in our own way, in our lives, militant. From there to our musical beginning, we were unanimous on saying what we wanted to say, without apology.  We aren’t interested in writing songs and putting forth energy on stage if it isn’t a vehicle for our ideas. Our planet is suffering, due to human activities from excessive commercialization and other absurd projects, and with her, suffer all the beings who inhabit her.

True in all natural environments, and especially in the heart of the forest, as chance would have it.  We are thrilled with our chance encounter with Amandine Renaud, president of P-WAC. This Association offers us a chance to make a difference.  Protecting endangered species is a battle we think is essential in the face of the daily loss of biodiversity.  In addition, we have a particular affection for our ape brothers, to protect them is to protect our future. But including the community of women in the project is also a factor that made us more aware.

Cri Primate regularly participates in charity concerts, but we’ve never thought about supporting a single organization. This opportunity offered us by Amandine Renaud seemed really interesting. P-WAC’s values are very close to our own, and the group’s response was immediate. We are very motivated to give our support to the project.”

Cri Primate

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