At Reperkusound 2015

Like last year, Médiatone invited us to the Reperkusound festival this past April.

Let’s recall,  Reperkusound is a “festival of electronic music, both established and innovative, celebrating our urban culture in all its diversity.” Its fan base is regional, national and European, with a bold program! And, it’s our very own partner, Médiatone, that is behind this cultural gathering.

This festival was a chance for us to talk about ourselves, to meet young people and to raise their awareness about the great ape cause. And it’s also a chance for us to do some fundraising. Actually, at the beginning of the  Médiatone – P-WAC partership, was a desire to collaborate and work together. To revisit the beginnings of this partnershp, we invite you to reread this blog.

This year, we attended all three days, or rather, nights of this festival.  Our team took turns (because the festival lasts all night) over three days, at a P-WAC booth. We presented our shop and our missions, but we especially took advantage of our presence at the festival to  sell artists’ posters on behalf of the Association, an ecological  and wise way to raise funds while also pleasing the festival-goers.



Big night at the  Reperku’sound festival. the idea was simple, to raise funds for P-WAC by selling concert posters. The youthful and festive environment lent itself well to the interaction  between our team and the festival-goers. Of course, it wasn’t always easy to talk about P-WAC’s mission and values in a room where the noise was incredible, but, isn’t that in the spirit of the Association to overcome incredible odds ? In the end, the festival audience with whom we were able to interact took away a good impression of our battle and many encouraged us with their donations. If we didn’t collect a fortune that night, we were able to communicate information about great apes that was, I think appreciated by our listeners. I could also tell that once they became aware of the plight of the great apes, the public took on these questions as their own and some planned to help change things, to capitalize on the positive wave by taking action in the future!” ” (Jérémie)

Stéphanie, present the last evening, gives us her impression of this festival.

steph4miniThe Reperkusound festival celebrated its 10th year at Double Mixte, more than 15000 spectators each year!!
For three nights,  a P-WAC booth was installed in the concert hall, an oddity among the first aid tables, which helped it to attract curious festival-goers. It’s hard to raise awareness in a room exploding with decibals! However, in addition to the sale of concert posters offered to  P-WAC by Médiatone, a few visitors who were interested left with informative flyers about our projects.
Managing to make it through the night, the members who were present were happy to have been able to raise a little more money for the association.”


Samuel, one of our youngest volunteers reports:


“I came to Reperkusound to work at the P-WAC booth for night 3 and I had the pleasure of seeing SuperDiscount by Etienne de Crécy and to discover Tchami and infected Mushroom.  Overall, a beautiful night of music with an aware public that didn’t hesitate to buy some posters donated by Médiatone, with whom we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the festival.”


The festival helped us raise more than 300 Euros!

Thank you to our volunteers Antoine, Jérémie and their friends, Stéphanie, Samuel, Yassine for coming and a big thank you to Sonia and Amandine who covered all three nights!

Thanks again to the Médiatone team for inviting us to this event.