P-WAC at the Primevère Conference

From March 14-16, 2014 we participated in our first environmental conference at Primevère (Chassieu, 69) near Lyon.

For three days we presented our mission to an aware and curious audience.  Thrilled to be attending the conference, we were able to get to know and get great visibility in the non-profit world.  We were located near other non-profit associations, like Dignité Animale, L214AVF, and Sea Sheperd each a growing organization with the welfare and liberty of animals in mind.

For this occasion, almost our entire P-WAC team was present to answer questions from the public.

De gauche à droite: Ingrid (Secrétaire Générale), Amandine (Présidente), et Ludovic (Vice trésorier)

From Left to right
Ingrid (Secretary), Amandine (President), et Ludovic (Vice Treasurer)

Mise au point de l'équipe Trésorerie avant l'ouverture du salon. Chantal (Trésorière) et Ludovic (Vice trésorier)

The treasury team getting set up before the opening. Chantal (Treasurer) et Ludovic (Vice Treasurer)


Guillaume, P-WAC administrator, showed off our students’ work and recruited a new donor.

photo 8 photo 7


Our Vice Treasurer, thrilled to sign up a new member, accompanied by Monique, a new volunteer who came to help us at our booth.

photo 13

Jean Michel, also an administrator, explains our “women” mission in the DRC.


The “Women” part of our mission is really a hit !

photo 11  photo 0

Monique, new volunteer, reports her day at Primevère: “I had a lot of fun at the P-WAC booth.  I could see that a lot of people are really concerned about the disappearance of the great apes, and some are ready to become volunteers at our future rescue center in the Congo.  This is really encouraging for P-WAC!”


This conference was also a great occasion to present our sponsors and partners, especially with the presentation of the great ape photographic portfolio of Stéphanie Meng Zirilli, who generously offered to share her portfolio to enliven our website, but also offered a sale of photos at the booth to benefit P-WAC.  We sold several photos. Plusieurs photographies ont été achetées. The gorilla portraits really interested the visitors.  Thanks again Stephanie !

Thanks to everyone for stopping at our booth, and see you next year !!!!