A Wink on our New Partner

Since the beginning of the adventure, we have met a lot of different people who, aware of the battle we are fighting, came to join us. Today, Elisa Lewis ArtWork became our partner.


But who is Élisa?

Élisa, 33, from the South of France but exiled in Paris , is an artist and designer. She met us in 2014, thanks to a Facebook post by our patrons SHAKA PONK, who she also follows. Intrigued by their patronage and by our cause, she contacted us and proposed to help us with our graphic design needs. An active volunteer since then, Élisa completed a few of our marketing pieces, such  as our collection box and photos posted on social media, and also several pieces to raise awareness. For example, Élisa illustrated our educational booklet that we distribute to children at our presentations in schools and hospitals.

Actions Mars P-WAC

Poster  by Elisa to publicize our current activities, early 2015.

Elisa avec notre livret pédagogique

Elisa, designer of the P-WAC educational brochure.










Conservation projects are not necessarily Élisa’s thing. But animal causes, yes.  And, to be able to help a young project by contributing her talents is natural for her, and for us, a great bargain!  That’s what it is to be a volunteer: give up your free time, or a little of your free time, to help a meaningful cause.

As for the rest of her free time, Élisa spends it painting, designing, creating and imagining… On her website, and on social media, under her professional name this time, Elisa Lewis Artwork displays her work that she invites us to explore. In order to help P-WAC even more, Elisa Lewis Artwork offered to create a special P-WAC page on her website. But that’s not all. Elisa Lewis Artwork decided to put some of her work up for sale on our behalf. Thus, she hopes to make her work available on different media in order to raise funds, funds that she will give entirely to the project !!!

“Since I have a store linked to my website on which I make my designs available for different media  (mugs, bags, tee shirts, etc.), I offered P=WAC a few designs specially made for them. That allows us, this small militia fighting for the primate cause, to give  ourselves a lovely gift while giving a boost to the association.” (Elisa)

This online boutique will supplement our own and will allow you to have a choice of items for a good cause. There’s something for every budget.


Elisa and Amandine, making the partnership official


This initiative doesn’t stop there, because despite this investment,  Élisa thoroughly plans to continue to help us as a volunteer, continuing to help with our graphic design needs.

A big thank you to Élisa, who our founder met with in Paris this summer to sign a partnership agreement !



To learn more about Elisa Lewis ArtWork, find her on Facebook  and on her website: http://www.elisalewis.net/

Thank you Elisa !!!