A Look Back at 2014

Happy New Year to All!!



And voila! Here we are on January 1st 2015.  We leave 2014 behind us with our first activities. We’re happy to offer a retrospective look at our first year and to remember these moments with you.

In October 2013, when P-WAC launched it was with Sup de Com’,  and our marketing students Amélie et Antoine that the adventure began! They helped us create our visual identity and it’s to them that we owe our logo. Horizon Web Marketing arrived next and gave us a very professional website ! Later, the musical group CRI PRIMATE also helped by promoting us. We quickly developed our « communication » flyer thanks to their support.

mag-COUVhorizon_logologo CP 105x54


Cri Primate

Cri Primate

Amélie Némoz


Antoine Benini









As for raising awareness, we carried out a number of different activities.

At the environmental exposition Primevère, where we were warmly welcomed, and a booth at the Lyon Zoo and at the national tournament P’tits Crampons with the Rugby Club of Meyzieu (USM) ; conferences in Isère and Lyon in the media centers, libraries and universities for adults. And we put our educational mission into action at schools in East Isère.  We had many magical moments with the students at this school; what great memories of discussions of chimpanzees, the forest and even the dangers that worried them like “detreeing” and “bad poachers”.  With their words, their vocabulary, they were open and receptive to our message and succeeded with their own work to impact children at other school ! Thanks to the appeal of artists like Stéphanie Meng Zirilli, and Laurence Saunois, we were able to supplement the children’s exhibition with a photo-drawing expo financed by the Association of the Local Bank of Crédit Agricole of Morestel.


Salon Primevère


Salon Primevère















In the Media

In print media  with several articles in the Dauphiné Libéré, the Progrès, as well as in RDCongo in AfricaNews, on line, in blogs, or on our partner Horizon Web Marketing‘s website on Earth Day, we were able to fly P-WAC’s colors before the public.  In radio : our first interview on Chérie FM !!

In fundraising

Our partner Mediatone was first to join us and allowed us to promote our cause at an electronic music festival in the Rhone-Alps region, followed by the entire team, our rather our magnificent family that are the  Capons of AJC. What surprise and what a lot of tears for their generous gift for our mission in the field !

What a lot of effort to put together our presence at charity events like Heroes’ Run 2014 and the support Concert with Mr Roux! We also met members of the Lions Club of Voiron avec with whom we plan to hold a joint event in 2015.


Monsieur Roux

P-WAC and the AJC team

P-WAC and the AJC team










On the Science and Research Side

We made progress with the support of the University of Liege and the Institute of Tropical Veterinary Medicine  who are working with us in the area of veterinary medicine, as well as the University of Lyon 2 Anthropology Department. We also participated in science awareness days during « Science in Action » events.

On the International Side

Thanks to our US honorary member, Carolyn, we took a trip to San Francisco and presented P-WAC at the Wildlife Conservation Expo. And thanks to honorary member Pascual, as well as our Congolese partner Mme Mashini, we were able to present the project to the local authorities in Kinshasa.

Team P-WAC in the USA

Team P-WAC in the USA



The last big news in 2014 would be our patronage by the huge group SHAKA PONK !

One of the first meetings with Shaka Ponk in Auvergne

One of the first meetings with Shaka Ponk in Auvergne

Note : You already know this : none of this would be possible without you. So we would like to thank you for your support, your enthusiasm at the idea of this new adventure, for your energy and your encouragement.  You are are the essential core of the success and continuity of the project !

In no particular order:

Whether with your « Like » or your financial support, thank you dear members and friends on Facebook and Twitter for having confidence in us.

Visitors to our booth who were passionate about great apes, supports of action in favor of underprivileged women : thank you for all the great encounters !

Whether your a volunteer always on time, whether you’ve just joined us or have given your time to us since the beginning, thank you for your investment and energy ! Thanks to you we have great images, videos, photos and posters : Amélie, Antoine, Henri Rivollier, Elisa, Jérémie, Jérôme, Ophélie, Yassine, Loïc and Mégane, Marie Hélène, Philippe

Friends, family and members of the project: thanks for your daily support in the face of difficulties and pitfalls… Amandine, Caroline, Julia, Klem, Laure, JP, JM, Ludovic, Chantal, Monique, Marie, Farid, Guillaume, Lætitia, Dorothée, Carolyn, Véronique, Pascual, Patricia, Philippe, Stéphanie, Sonia

Fierce and dedicated to the protection of animals, thanks for your advice and your ears : Laurence, Klem, Xavier, and Stephan, Marilou and Robert…

Students, professors, school and university directors : Thanks for welcoming us and listening so well during our presentations ! Jean Luc Hornick, Henri Guillot, Stéphane, Olivier and all their pupils and students…

Thanks to you, dear organizers of conferences and educational workshops : Jérôme, Lila, Nathalie at the Jean Macé Library, Catherine and the entire team at Montalieu.

Thanks to Benj and Seb of LASPID for helping us every time, always staying late and working with a tight budget !

Finally, thanks to all our other partners who have supported us from the beginning : Sup de Com’, the entire Capon team with AJC and that of Médiatone (Emeline, Mathias, Baptiste) who were the first to declare themselves present on the project, the University of Liège and Institute of Tropical Veterinary Medicine, the CRI PRIMATE team,  Crédit Agricole of Morestel, Horizon Web Marketing, Laurence Saunois.

Thanks to our honorary members who’ve helped us enormously since the beginning and without whom  P-WAC would not have advanced so rapidly : Carolyn et Pascual. Thanks to our local partner Mme Mashini, and all those who helped promote us Philippe C., Samuèle S. and the entire team from Meyzieu, Maurice and Marie France and the LionsClub team, and elsewhere in France, Louise D.

Finally, thanks to our PatronsShaka Ponk and the whole team for supporting us and being willing to stay by our side in this crazy adventure. Thanks for bringing us your fans, the “Monkeys” who also have warmly supported us.


We’ve been moving forward together for a year !

It’s only the beginning, and we carry on thanks to you !!

We hope that 2015 will be even better, and that together, we will be able to achiever our goal to bring our help to the cause of the great apes, our favorite furry ones !

Thanks to all and have a wonderful 2015 !


Team P-WAC