A Christmas Sale for P-WAC

When one meeting leads to a great initiative …


A few months ago at a concert by our patrons, Shaka Ponk, Géraldine stopped by our stand. We talked about our projects and, interested in what we had to say, Géraldine signed up for our Newsletter. Without realizing it, she began to help us, doing nothing more than talking about us with her friends, her acquaintances, and sharing our posts on Facebook. She followed our news, and little by little, an idea was born among her and her friends …

Why not do something concrete for P-WAC ? A question a lot of people asked. This is what led a whole group of friends to hold a Christmas sale to help  P-WAC. Géraldine explains:


« I want to say I didn’t come up with this initiative on my own, it was an idea from the whole group. There were about ten of us and we had met during previous Shaka Ponk concerts (we’re all from different cities, even different regions for some of us!). We became friends and realized we had other things in common besides loving the same music : we all care about our blue planet, humans and animals, and we all want to act to try to make things betters… We  heard people talking about P-WAC, thanks to their patron Shaka Ponk, and we got the chance to either go see them at their stand, or to follow them on social media and on the internet.  So it seemed obvious to direct our first action toward helping  P-WAC (we’re all little monkeys, after all !!!)»


Photos Géraldine (1)Géraldine continues « We all want to take actions to support associations like P-WAC who work for solidarity, the environment and to save animals. Our first action took place at the ENS in Cachan where we were able to set up a stand at their Christmas market. Our idea was to make great Christmas cookies, with organic and local ingredients and to pass the proceeds on to help P-WAC.  The goal was to promote the consumption of organic and local products (as much as possible…) and without using palm oil. We wanted to highlight the ravages to ecosystems caused by pesticides, the pollution caused by the industrial food system (transportation, etc.) and the consequences of intensive cultivation of palm oil trees (deforestation, the decimation of monkey and other animal species…). A whole program!! We aren’t experts, but we learned as much as we could and tried to provide simple, clear and positive messages.  We want to show poeple that our way of consuming has a real impact on the environment, on the lives of other people and on animals… To do this, we’re trying to get organized for several more events to try to pull together as many funds as possible.. »


Poster created by Elisa Art Lewis


Photos Géraldine (4)« For the Christmas market at the ENS in Cachan, we sold Christmas cookies while educating students on the ravages of palm oil on the environment and animals… We explained to the students who bought the cookies that they were helping a good cause because all the money went directly to P-WAC.  We also explained  P-WAC’s mission in the Congo with the help of brochures and flyers provided by the members of P-WAC. We are very happy to have participated in this adventure and we found it was a lot of fun ! It’s very interesting to undertake an action like this and it encouraged us to continue and to look for other ways to raise funds 🙂 »


The whole team met at the Christmas market organized by the ENS students in Cachan. All the cakes and cookies were sold as well as posters by our graphic artist, Elisa.

150 euros were collected at this evening fund raising event.

A final word : THANK YOU !  Actions like these are precious for a project like ours.  Thanks to you  Géraldine, Laure, Tina, Mathilde, Benji, Manuel, Blandine, Adeline, Laetitia…