P-WAC at Salon Primevère

Just as it has every year for the past 28 years, the Primevère Expo alternative ecology exposition will take place in March at Eurexpo in Lyon, France.

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The goal of this exposition is to gather together the participants in ecological actions and present radical and ethical alternatives to a traditional and stationary society.  These are three days of sharing, listening and reflecting on current issues, all in a supportive environment.  With 470 exhibitors, 120 meetings, conferences and presentation debates, workshops for children, Primevère welcomes more than 26,000 people each year.

This year, P-WAC will present for the first time, in order to introduce its mission.

Mark these dates on your calendar : March 14, 15 et 16.  We look forward to seeing you.

To obtain an entry ticket, contact us.

For more information : Salon Primevère