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The P-WAC Team

The P-WAC team wants above all to apply their collective skills and experience to benefit endangered species. With degrees  and qualifications in the environmental field, and with significant experience in the field working with local populations and wildlife, our team works mainly with local personnel. It is those complementary skills that forms the strong foundation of the project. In a world of perpetual change, P-WAC hopes to bring real tools to local populations to help improve their daily lives, and do so in harmony with nature.




  • Board of Directors

Amandine Renaud, Primatologist, PhD Student – President –

IMG_4615-AmandineAfter being a volunteer in great apes conservation programs in Africa, Amandine completed her Master of Research in Primatology at Roehampton University, London. Fond of various topics such as communication and cognition, she turned her interest for future work toward conservation. Her first research focused on the adaptive abilities of chimpanzees – victims of the  pet trade – reintroduced in the wild (study based on social behaviour and feeding ecology) . She then joined the team of Max Planck Institute in 2010, becoming manager of the research site of wild and habituated bonobos in the Salonga National Park. After working in fundraising for conservation program, she decided to create her own project: P- WAC of which she is the founder and current president. Amandine is now pursuing a PhD in Natural Anthropology, at the University of Lyon 2 (France). The objective of her thesis is to understand the views of  Congolese women on apes, which ties in with the goals of the P -WAC project. This study starts right before the construction of infrastructure, allowing P-WAC staff to take into consideration all parties involved in the conservation project P-WAC and finally to better understand and resolve human wildlife conflicts. Publication  Renaud, A.; Jamart, A.; Goossens, B.; Ross, C. A Longitudinal Study on Feeding Behaviour and Activity Patterns of Released Chimpanzees in Conkouati-Douli National Park, Republic of Congo. Animals 2013, 3, 532-550.

Véronique Bardollet, Manager- Secretary


VeroniqueVéronique evolves in a company selling nursery items. Passionated about travel and music, who lived 4 years in Brazil, she enjoys discovering new landscapes and cultures that allow her to escape from daily duties. Very attached to the animal care and interested in the impact of companies on environment, she tries to get involved and give her time to causes that she cares about. P-WAC crosses her path and this project has touched her.

Chantal Renaud, Accounting Assistant – Treasurer –

Chantal has always been sensitive to issues involving women and women’s literature. She is interested in changing the conditions of women and those who invest their efforts in animal welfare. After working in various fields, she settled on a career in accounting and finance. Today as a commercial assistant, she is the treasurer of P-WAC.


  • Members of the Administrative Council

Dorothée Minne, Dr Veterinarian

Dorothéepic.Dorothée Minne has always been interested in wildlife and great ape welfare in particular. After completing her veterinary studies, she received a Master’s Degree in Management of Plant and Animal Resources in Tropical Environments at the University of Liège (Belgium) and began her initial work in wildlife veterinary care in Africa working with chimpanzees. Her thesis concerned chimpanzee nesting behaviour. She then departed for Indonesia (Tasikoki wildlife Center) where she worked with macaques and orangutans…  Today a veterinarian in France, Dorothée Minne helps with finding veterinary supplies for the project and in future will serve as consulting veterinarian at the DRC project site.

Farid Benhammou, PhD Geography

FaridFarid Benhammou, nicknamed «Mister Bear» is a geographer who has always been interested in human and wildlife interactions, which to him is an interesting way to know more about our species and society. Farid is a researcher who is intrigued and astonished by our ecosystem, and has always had an interest in the great apes, despite his specialisation in European carnivores. Today, teaching geography and affiliated with the LGP-CNRS-Bellevue lab, Farid brings his expertise to P-WAC thanks to his critical analysis and his  experience as a researcher. Publication : Benhammou, F. 2009. Ours, Lynx, Loup : Une Protection Contre Nature ? Broché

Guillaume Rey, Forensic Investigator


guillaumeGuillaume completed financial studies near Lyon. While working in the finance field, he got interested in economic questions, modern capitalism and its impact on human, animals and nature. He decided to work for the Police and work to reconcile humans with one another. Today a forensic investigator, he still believes that some day, humans will have a positive interaction with their environment. Guillaume brings help to P-WAC by searching for sponsors and donors.

Marie Carbonnaux


MarieGeographer by training, Marie has always been passionate about nature and animals and very interested by the plight of the bear and the conflict its reintroduction has created in the  Pyrenees mountains.. Her 2007 research project concerned this situation. Along with her husband, Stephan Carbonnaux, she has dedicated herself to the creation and management of  workshops on the topic of wildlife and human interaction. She tries to reconcile the conflict between humans and wildlife, by offering opportunities to the public to think together about novel solutions to the problem, breaking away from the usual ways of thinking. Concerned about the fate of the great apes, she has found in P-WAC her way to also participate in the conservation of our closest relatives.

Laetitia Jasseron

LaetitiaLætitia is a chemist by profession, and has lived in various places in Europe for her studies and work: Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Edinburgh, and now Brussels. She has always been sensitive to nature and animals. Lætitia was motivated to get involved in P-WAC by the dedication and motivation of P-WAC’s founder. She helps promote P-WAC within her professional and social network and by helping to collect donations.

  • Honory member

Carolyn Renaud, Web Marketing

Carolyn_editWith a BA degree in French language and literature at San Jose State, and an MBA in accounting from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, Carolyn has had a career in various technology companies in Silicon Valley. Today she manages website design projects and other web marketing activities. Interested in nature, animals, education, science and technology, she supports environmental and climate organizations as well as animal welfare organizations. She helps P-WAC with translations and communications for the English-speaking regions and helps seek funding and support in the North American region. Carolyn  is an honorary member of P-WAC and has brought us this website and all our English translations.

  • Our Volunteers

Amandine, Communication

Elisa, Designer


























Marlonne, needlewoman

Titi, Lingala teacher









Our Cooks



Maman Simon









The traditional chief and his assistant

Papa Simon

Papa Kasavubu









Our eco-guard team











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