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L1040781The desire to develop ecotourism within P -WAC has several goals. To meet a different culture than the one we know in France, in Europe and in the world; to raise awareness among tourists that DRC is a beautiful country, with its own culture, traditions, artists with incredible talent; and finally to allow visitors to experience the majestic landscapes and diverse plants and animals of this rich and fertile ecosystem. And of course, ecotourism creates local jobs and helps support our work.

Diapositive21A holiday in the DRC in a conservation project is nothing like what you get with the usual tourist agency. The P -WAC team is happy to receive people from all backgrounds. However, in the field, you have to be willing to accept the living conditions, which are often rudimentary in the camp. Culture shock can occur if you are not used to travel. But the most important reason to join us is to experience our values in action ​​and our daily activities to protect endangered species. Thus, it is important to talk with us about your expectations, the aim being that everyone enjoy the journey and travel in the best conditions! This requires, for example, that visitors meet the health guidelines in order to not transmit diseases to animals.  And it is important or to not judge without understanding the local culture … In a word , it is important to realize that it is not just an unusual tourist trip, but the discovery of another culture while being immersed in the heart of the rainforest …

Diapositive18If you agree with our basic values, then contact us to learn more!

Ecotourism Options

P-WAC offers three types of stays:

  • Volunteer trip, which means a minimum of 4 months. Volunteer wishes to participate fully in daily activities of the project. Contact us for selection steps.
  • Research trip: For any student or researcher. The condition being that the research is based on a non-invasive method. The duration is at least two months.
  • Eco tourism, which corresponds to anyone wishing to experience wildlife in a relatively short period of time. To do this, contact us for more information.
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