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Do you want to become a volunteer in a project that suits you?  P-WAC welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds.

 Volunteer at home

You can join our team from wherever you are located.  Help us promote our work (exhibitions, fundraising…).

Take a look at our team: you do not need to be a scientist to be part of P-WAC, you just need to be motivated! So, whether you are a financial expert, an artist, a journalist, or just you… join us! Everyone’s energy and every hand help us achieve our mission.

Please contact us and send us your resume and explain what you would like to do for the project. We will be then ready to see what project would best suit you based on your skills and interests.

Volunteer in Africa

Do you want to help a field project and volunteer in Africa?

Send us your CV so we can understand your background. We will then look at the situation and be able to see if there is a good fit for you in our field work.

Check back with us frequently as we may post needs for short-term volunteer opportunities.  Enjoy an adventure and help to preserve the wild for all.

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