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Sponsor a Primate

Poaching impacts many, if not all, wild animals which are sold for their meat, with bushmeat being part of the local culture. P-WAC welcomes chimpanzees, but also small monkeys called cercopithecus ascagne, or red-tail monkeys. Most of our young boarders were rescued by expatriates who agreed to entrust them to us for reintroduction to the wild.

Why sponsor?

Our sponsorship program allows you to assist with the daily expenses of our orphans. Your contribution will help us to buy the food they need (milk, fruits, vegetables),  help finance their care facility and pay the salary of their dedicated carer.

In short: Simple! Their daily life will be improved thanks to your generosity.

How do you become a sponsor? Nothing is easier :

1 – Choose your Adoptee :

The chimpanzees:

Mongo is a 4 year old female chimpanzee, released from the Kinshasa Zoo. She is timid and often needs reassurance.

Youyou is a 4 year old female chimpanzee, released from the Kinshasa Zoo. She loves life, has her own way of doing things, and is quite a character.









The cercopithecus ascagne “red tail” monkeys:

Rambo is about 4 years old and was captive in Matadi with Wumba. He is now in a rehabilitation pen. A wise man and a model for the little ones.

Wumba is about 4 years old, and was captive in Matadi with Rambo. He has many issues related to his captivity and his rehabilitation will be long.







A little male less than a year old, Inga is fearful but a great friend of Kiki. He often comforts the youngest, Sikila.

Sikila, the youngest, weighing only 600 grams, is very fearful and finds comfort with Inga and Joe, his surrogate mother.







Less than a year old, Joe is the smallest female of the group. Very independent, she has the soul of an explorer and is a real little mother for Sikila.

The first orphan hosted at P-WAC, Kiki is almost a year and a half old. He is a little king of the forest, and likes to know everything that happens in the camp. He is very resourceful and life of the party.

The second orphan  received by the project, Muke takes his name from his thinness (Muké = skinny in Lingala). He is very touching and will surely be the dominant one of the group.


2 – Choose your type of sponsorship 

  • Classic Sponsorship for 10 € per month : You will receive a biography of your adoptee,  with his or her story, his past and details of his life in the center since his rescue.
  •  Medium Sponsorship for 15 € per month : In addition to his biography, you will receive a photo of your adoptee by email.
  • Prestige Sponsorship for 30 € per month : With this level, you automatically receive a P-WAC project membership, With your membership offer, you will receive a membership card by  mail. 
  • Deluxe Sponsorship for 100 € per month : per month In addition to the photo and membership, you will get updates of the daily life of your adoptee through stories and photos via Whatsapp

3 – Choose your method of payment :

  • You can pay by bank transfer by giving our bank details RIB.P-WAC.18 to your bank, or pay by check to the order of P-WAC.  If you choose one of these methods, please complete and return the Donation Form  by mail or email (info@p-wac.org).
  • You can pay directly online, securely via Paypal :
Classic Sponsorship: 10 €

Choose your Godchild :

Medium Sponsorship: 15 €

Choose your Godchild :

Prestige Sponsorship: 30 €

Choose your Godchild :

Deluxe Sponsorship: 100 €

Choose your Godchild :

4 – Now your a Sponsor !

And there ! Thanks to your support, your little adoptee will get the most from his rehabilitation, because you are helping us to provide him with the best care. In a few days, you will receive your adoptees information in email. Be sure to watch for it. 🙂

We are always available to give you more information. Feel free to ask !

Thank you




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