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What is your money used for?


schoolEnvironmental Education

Every one of us has a right to education and information about the environment: children, adults, schools, businesses. It is important that each one of us be aware of the consequences of our daily activities on the world around us


_SMG4425Protection of the great apes

The great apes are disappearing due to human activity (deforestation, poaching).  The great apes are illegally sold as bush meat in local markets or as pets.

Protection of the forests


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, over exploitation of the forests is one of the premier causes of the disappearance of our closest relatives.


Lk June.july 2010 308Protection of other species living in the forests

Protecting a species means protecting its natural environment, along with all the plant and animal species that share its habitat.

Help local communities live in harmony with their environment



P-WAC hopes to bring concrete solutions ot reduce human-wildlife conflict, evolving together, hand-in-hand, for the preservation of the great apes.


Tax Deduction for EU Donors

An association published in the Official Journal dated 21 September 2013 and qualified as public interest on 5 November 2013, P-WAC recognizes that the donations and payments we receive entitle donors to a tax reduction. 66% of your gift is deductible from your taxes up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income. Precisely, this means that after the tax reduction, your :

  • gift of 10 € is reduced to 3,40 €
  • gift of 20 € is reduced to 6,80 €
  • gift of 30 € is reduced to 10,20 €
  • gift of 40 € is reduced to 13,60 €
  • gift of 50 € is reduced to 17,00 €
  • gift of 100 € is reduced to 34,00 €
  • gift of 200 € is reduced to 68,00 €


We also welcome non-monetary donations! 

Photo: Stephanie Meng-Zirilli

Photo: Stephanie Meng-Zirilli

We also need supplies.  At the start of an adventure like ours there is a lot to do! Here’s a list of items we need for the camp, the local team and veterinary equipment:  microscope, syringes, swabs, drugs, GPS devices, compasses, watches, binoculars, vehicles, satellite telephone, appropriate clothing, boots, lamps…



Thanks to you, we are taking action to save the Great Apes!


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