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Photo: Stephanie Meng-Zirilli

P-WAC depends on the support of people who believe as we do that man and nature can live and thrive together.  There are many ways to join in to support our mission:


Your donation will be used for the needs of the project, that is daily needs of the animals, veterinary equipment, medicine, local salaries… You may choose one of two ways to donate:

  • One time donations – your gift means a lot to us!
  • Subscription membership – make your donation over time and become a member of P-WAC.
  • Become a member by mail: Download the Donation Form.  Please complete and mail or email (choose this method, it’s greener) the form to us. 

Get involved

P-WAC needs support from the community.  Whether individuals, groups, organizations or companies, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Sponsorships and Partnerships– Individuals  and Companies help by providing financial support or other types of support such as services and supplies.
  • Volunteer – Come and help! Local and on site opportunities for volunteers of all backgrounds.


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