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Our Patron: SHAKA PONK

This page is dedicated to our Patron, the famous French experimental rock band, Shaka Ponk.  Although many of you already know them, here’s a short summary of their history.

Shaka Ponk

Goz virtual ape mascot of Shaka Ponk

Shaka Ponk is an electronic funk rock band that sings in French, English and Spanish, making them unique in their musical genre.

Shaka Ponk is made up of Frah and Samaha Sam (singers), Mandris (bassist), Cyril (guitarist), Ion (drums) and Steve on the keyboard.  They’re equally well known for their  Ils sont également originaux et reconnus pour leurs stage performances, because their unbelievable energy is accompanied by Goz, a digital ape, currently the group’s mascot. Where did Goz originate? He came from a meeting among Frah, Cyril and an American hacker from Los Angeles. The latter created a virtual ape for them.

Shaka Ponk, the name of the group was inspired first by Buddha (Shakyamuni) for the zen side, and Ponk comes from the Native American Ponca tribe, for the punk side. They have produced five albums to date: Loco Con Da Frenchy Talkin (2006), Bad Porn Movie Trax (2009), The Geeks And The Jerkin’ Socks (2011) et The White Pixel Ape as well as The Black Pixel Ape, both released in 2014, with the latest album going platinum.

Shaka Ponk French electronic funk rock band

Everything began in 2014, when we met with Shaka Ponk in Paris for the first time, in spite of their busy schedule. They found the time to listen to us. Their mascot, Goz, the chimpanzee, was very concerned for his relatives in Africa.

In October, Shaka Ponk announced their support for P-WAC on their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and their website… Their fans « the Monkeyz » were invited to support and help us.  They did even more by addressing the causes we support  (anti-poaching, anti-deforestation, great apes conservation, building awareness among local populations).

We accompanied them on their concert tour, first of all at Cournon in Auvergne, then in the south of France. The Shaka Ponk team, wonderful to us, allowed us to promote ourselves with information booths during their concerts.

SHAKA PONK and Gozare going to help us take the voices of the great apes very far.

P-WAC and SHAKA PONK : follow the adventure on our blog!!!

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