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Endangered Species

CSC_1133P-WAC’s primary mission is to protect species in danger of extinction

One of the primary aims of P-WAC is to preserve local biodiversity in the Congo Central Province and more specifically to help endangered species, such as primates, who are victims of human activities (poaching, deforestation).

Primate Rescue Center


Photo: Stephanie Meng

P-WAC set up a rehabilitation center for wildlife (especially apes) seized by the government. At this stage, the P-WAC team rescues newcomers to prepare them to be subsequently reintroduced into the wild. Indeed, P-WAC does not want to keep rescued animals in captivity, which would cost a lot of money over time and, more importantly, does not match the values of the P-WAC team: protected wildlife in its natural habitat! Thus, once treated and judged ready to be released, P-WAC reintroduces its individuals in the forests of the Congo Basin.

1. Rehabilitation Center

      • Receive animals confiscated or seized by the government
      • Care for the animals
      • Rehabilitate them for return to the wild into their natural habitat

2. Creation of a reintroduction sanctuary

      • Reintroduction site, to return rehabilitated animals to freedom


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