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Charity Run – Second Edition

Our annual charity event is off and running again! The Heroes’ Run!

Do you remember? This athletic event is above all an occasion for friendship and fundraising : raising funds for P-WAC!

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We had decided not to renew our participation because the the fees to participate are important for a small charity like ours.  But in the end we decided at our Annual Meeting to re-enroll!


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So we’re off again!!!

To remind you about our the past experience,here’s the video made last year by Jérôme P. and and the one byJérôme L.

This year, we will have a team of 5 runners, and we’ve already collected over 870 Euros!!! Everyone needs your support. To remind you, everyone must raise a minimum of 250 Euros to be able to run that day which will be June 21 at Gerland Park. JNO matter which runner you support, the funds will be donated to P-WAC. EU residents will get a tax receipt for their donations.

Dear EU donors, don’t forget your donations for this event are tax deductible!

So a gift of :

– 10 € comes back to you as 3,40 €
– 20 € comes back to you as 6,80 €
– 30 € comes back to you as 10,20 €
– 40 € comes back to you as 13,60 €
– 50 € comes back to you as 17,00 €


Our runners:

Mégane (10 Euros): http://www.alvarum.com/meganevarela

Loïc (20 Euros): http://www.alvarum.com/loicgerboud

Nicolas (60 Euros): http://www.alvarum.com/nicolasvignaud2

Sonia (255 Euros): http://www.alvarum.com/soniamaric

Amandine (530 Euros): http://www.alvarum.com/amandinerenaud3

Thanks to all of you! et and Good Luck to our runners for their fundraising… looking forward to breaking a sweat…

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